The best formulation of our line made available to doctors for the health and well-being of citizens

Founded in Bologna in 2010, our company, Afandi srl, specializes in pharmaceutical and nutraceutical products, primarily focusing on pediatrics, respiratory, and gastroenterology areas. Leveraging two decades of experience, we inaugurated our startup to explore the untapped potential of specific probiotics, aligning with GMP-certified laboratories for production.

Our Made in Italy product line, enriched by specialized formulations, addresses specific needs in gastroenterology, pediatrics, urology, and ENT, ensuring complete traceability and effectiveness. We foster close collaborations with probiotics laboratories, investing in Italian creativity and expertise, resulting in exclusive solutions and enhanced product specificity.

Strategic market analysis and specialization have been pivotal, carving a niche yet solid core business in pharmaceuticals, ensuring varied, consumer-focused product formulations. Partnerships with scientific communities and laboratories have broadened our offerings with natural supplements for the most frequent disease symptoms in children and adults, maintaining a constant emphasis on effectiveness and specialization.

Incorporating a novel nutraceutical line, we offer innovative solutions, focusing directly on patient needs, ensuring significant relief and well-being from the first month of use.

Our Products